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Attention Kindle Authors

Kindle Authors know how important it is to get reviews on new Kindle book publications. So what do we do to get reviews? Maybe we go to some “Review Sites” and Give Away a FREE copy to glean some reviews. Or maybe we use the KDP Select “5 day Promotion”, which can result in thousands of FREE copies going to the masses. All in the hopes that SOME people will take a few minutes out of their busy schedule to write a few words or even a few sentences to help an Author inch their way up the Kindle Rankings.

How is this method working for you? Are you getting a handful of reviews? Are you getting 5? How about 50 or 100 or more? If the answer is NO, then what do you think may be the stumbling block for people?

Could it be they just don’t like the book? Maybe, but I think it is More likely that Most people just do not know WHAT to say! Or even what a review would consist of. We tell our readers that one or two sentences would suffice. Did you like the book? What did you like about it? And if you didn’t like the book, what can we improve?

It seems that even this little bit is a Huge challenge for people. So we have put together a short FREE Guide that will hopefully help. It’s called “Let’s Review” and it is FREE for Anyone who reads Kindle books.

We cover some basics, such as:

Why Should I Write a Review?
What’s in it for Me?
What Makes for a Good Review?
What if I don’t like the Book?
PLUS…An Easy “Cut & Paste” Format that Anyone can Use!

So if any Authors out there would like to offer this little publication to their readership for FREE, please feel free to include the following link in any of your Kindle books, Press Releases, Forum posts, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. We are Happy to Help!

Here’s the Link:

Happy Ranking!

Exciting New book from Debby James, The Queen of Low Carb is Here in Time for Summer!

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“How to Low Carb Your Summer” is Available for a Limited Time for Only $0.99!

BND Publishing announced the release of a new book by Debby James, The Queen of Low Carb. “How to Low Carb Your Summer” is being promoted as a Guide to Enjoying Low Carb Meals While having Fun in The Sun. For details and to get your copy, visit:

In her new book, Debby shares information to help people Enjoy the Summer as they learn How to Low Carb Your Summer, The difference between “Low Carb” and “NO Carb”, How to actually “Count” the Carbs, and much more. Readers are giving “How to Low Carb Your Summer” 4 and 5 stars out of 5. Reviewers are making comments such as “The good part of this “Low Carb Lifestyle” is that you can still eat the food you love by following the suggested ideas in the book.” “Helping to improve the quality of your life.” “This book is guaranteed to please.” “I am a convert!”

BND Publishing offers readers a Free Gift for purchasing “How to Low Carb Your Summer”, a 7 Day eCourse entitled “7 Ways in 7 Days (7 Things You Can Do Right Now to Start Burning Fat)” And for a limited time, they are offering people a chance to get a copy of “How to Low Carb Your Summer”, which retails for $2.99, for Only $0.99. Just visit the link above to get your copy. But You had better Hurry! There is no word about when the $0.99 Promotion will end.

About BND Publishing

Bobby N Debby James promote healthy living by promoting the benefits of a Low Carb “Lifestyle” as opposed to the impractical practice of traditional, non sustainable “diet programs” that offer short term solutions.

Media Contact

Bobby James
Simi Valley, CA

Low Carb Your Summer Now Available!

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Get “How to Low Carb Your Summer” for Only .99 for a Limited Time!

Summer is Here! And so is Your Best Course (Food Reference! Ha!) to keep the extra pounds off while Still Having Fun in the Sun!

Here is what you will learn in “How to Low Carb Your Summer”:

-First Off, We will take a little “Stroll down Memory Lane” to review some things we learned in our first publication “Low Carb Your Lifestyle” Available Here

-Then we will explain the difference between “Low Carb” and “NO Carb”. Believe it or not, many people are confused when it comes to our Low Carb Lifestyle. As mentioned in this chapter, we have had friends respond to some of Debby’s recipes by saying “That has Carbs!” And on the other side of the coin, some people promote a NO Carb diet. We will explore the differences, as well as the benefits or disadvantages related to these choices.

-Would you like to know the “Secret” to Counting Your Carbs? Debby gives you a simple formula that will make anyone an expert on label reading and Always know what you are taking in on a daily basis in this educational chapter.

-“Picnics, BBQs & Parties, Oh MY!” – The Summer months are filled with Fun in the Sun Activities, whether it is a beach trip or a back yard BBQ or just hanging with Friends at the pool. And our food choices do not always afford us the best options. In this chapter, we will explore some ideas and tips that will help us “Stay the Course” and some good advice on treating ourselves with the right attitude.

-We all need encouragement once in a while and maybe even a reminder or two. In the chapter on “Having Fun while Still Being Low Carb”, we touch on some reminders about the right attitude when faced with “Impending Failure”…is it really? Or is there Hope?

-And Finally, As Always, We give You Some Awesome, Low Carb, Delicious AND Nutritious Recipes that will Help You Enjoy your Summer Without worrying about the Carbs!

And Just between You & Me…The recipes Alone are worth a Ton! Check these out!…

Babay’s Killer ‘Q Sauce (You can Slather this one on Almost Everything BBQ’d)
DJ’s Best Low Carb Mac Salád
DJ Low Carb Deli Wrap Pinwheels
DJ Sweet Potato Fries
Bobby James’ Malbec Chili
And Bobby James’ BBQ Beef Ribs!

Don’t miss out on All the Fun! Get Your Copy Today!

Click Hereto get to Our Featured Publications

Low Carb Your Holidays!

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Debby James has a Talent for Taking ANY Recipe and “Making” it Low Carb. Her current work is a Special Book just for the Holidays!

We are Featuring a Desert Favorite ~ Low Carb Berry Cobbler ~ Enjoy!

Click Here to see the Video

And Happy Holidays from the “Queen of Low Carb”!