Exciting New book from Debby James, The Queen of Low Carb is Here in Time for Summer!

“How to Low Carb Your Summer” is Available for a Limited Time for Only $0.99!

BND Publishing announced the release of a new book by Debby James, The Queen of Low Carb. “How to Low Carb Your Summer” is being promoted as a Guide to Enjoying Low Carb Meals While having Fun in The Sun. For details and to get your copy, visit: http://new.bndpublishing.com

In her new book, Debby shares information to help people Enjoy the Summer as they learn How to Low Carb Your Summer, The difference between “Low Carb” and “NO Carb”, How to actually “Count” the Carbs, and much more. Readers are giving “How to Low Carb Your Summer” 4 and 5 stars out of 5. Reviewers are making comments such as “The good part of this “Low Carb Lifestyle” is that you can still eat the food you love by following the suggested ideas in the book.” “Helping to improve the quality of your life.” “This book is guaranteed to please.” “I am a convert!”

BND Publishing offers readers a Free Gift for purchasing “How to Low Carb Your Summer”, a 7 Day eCourse entitled “7 Ways in 7 Days (7 Things You Can Do Right Now to Start Burning Fat)” And for a limited time, they are offering people a chance to get a copy of “How to Low Carb Your Summer”, which retails for $2.99, for Only $0.99. Just visit the link above to get your copy. But You had better Hurry! There is no word about when the $0.99 Promotion will end.

About BND Publishing

Bobby N Debby James promote healthy living by promoting the benefits of a Low Carb “Lifestyle” as opposed to the impractical practice of traditional, non sustainable “diet programs” that offer short term solutions.

Media Contact

Bobby James
Simi Valley, CA

~ by Bobby James on June 7, 2013.

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