Getting Reviews?

Attention Kindle Authors

Kindle Authors know how important it is to get reviews on new Kindle book publications. So what do we do to get reviews? Maybe we go to some “Review Sites” and Give Away a FREE copy to glean some reviews. Or maybe we use the KDP Select “5 day Promotion”, which can result in thousands of FREE copies going to the masses. All in the hopes that SOME people will take a few minutes out of their busy schedule to write a few words or even a few sentences to help an Author inch their way up the Kindle Rankings.

How is this method working for you? Are you getting a handful of reviews? Are you getting 5? How about 50 or 100 or more? If the answer is NO, then what do you think may be the stumbling block for people?

Could it be they just don’t like the book? Maybe, but I think it is More likely that Most people just do not know WHAT to say! Or even what a review would consist of. We tell our readers that one or two sentences would suffice. Did you like the book? What did you like about it? And if you didn’t like the book, what can we improve?

It seems that even this little bit is a Huge challenge for people. So we have put together a short FREE Guide that will hopefully help. It’s called “Let’s Review” and it is FREE for Anyone who reads Kindle books.

We cover some basics, such as:

Why Should I Write a Review?
What’s in it for Me?
What Makes for a Good Review?
What if I don’t like the Book?
PLUS…An Easy “Cut & Paste” Format that Anyone can Use!

So if any Authors out there would like to offer this little publication to their readership for FREE, please feel free to include the following link in any of your Kindle books, Press Releases, Forum posts, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. We are Happy to Help!

Here’s the Link:

Happy Ranking!

~ by Bobby James on June 24, 2013.

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